What to Get a Man for Christmas

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Christmas is fast approaching – in just a few short months the walls will be decked, the beer will be chilled and the Mistletoe will be hanging. This is a time of year when many shoppers are faced with the frustration of just what to get their loved ones as gifts. This is challenging when buying for people who have quite a bit of stuff already, keeping your gift ideas fresh and inspirational can be difficult.

What Gifts to Give to the Men in Your Life?

Although most males get to a point where socks and jocks are actually appreciated for Christmas, they still like to be spoiled from time to time.

Here are a few different gift ideas to truly spoil the guys in your life this Christmas.

Headphones or Audio Equipment

If the man you are shopping for likes his tunes – then consider some high end, audiophile headphones. There are a few different types of stylish, luxury headphones on the market for the audiophile who is also style conscious. If he’s already got a good pair, then maybe consider getting him a vinyl turntable so that he can break out the old record collection, or for those truly wanting to spoil – some high fidelity speakers and an amplifier might be a better option.

Sabbath record   Zeppelin

An Upmarket Pen

Make the man in your life feel important in the office with a luxury, upmarket pen. In this day and age of computers, tablets and smartphones the humble pen is almost a bold, traditional statement. For an added personal touch, get it engraved with a heartfelt message. That way whenever he signs a contract, cheque or other paperwork he thinks of you! Not to mention the compliments he will get for having such a pen – every professional needs a nice pen.

Fine Leather Wallet

Every man needs a fine wallet. A man uses his every day so every once in a while they need replacing. There are heaps of different options of men’s wallets available: large, slim and compact. Pick one with good quality leather that will last longer than their last one. The style conscious man in your life will appreciate it.

A Vintage Rolex Watch

A Rolex is a time-tested statement of success, style and class. Every man should own a watch, and the truly discerning gentleman should own a Rolex; some even collect them! This Christmas, why not consider getting the man in your life a (used) vintage Rolex watch? You could even add an engraving to make it even more personalised for that special man in your life.

We hope we have helped inspire you to get shopping for Christmas! Browse our collection of vintage Rolex watches for even more ideas.