Authentic Delta limited edition Ennco Caruso 1873 Foutain Pen

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Authentic Delta limited edition Ennco Caruso 1873 Foutain Pen, no box or papers, lightly used in good condition. Measures 141.1mm, fully signed. Dont miss this one! A Beautiful Pen, uncleaned un polished to show original condition. needs ink.
The revered and celebrated operatic giant, Errico Caruso was born February 25, 1873 to a poor family. He showed an early passion for music and despite many setbacks and early critiques that would have completely discouraged most; the promising young talent changed his name to Enrico to become one of the recording industry's first true superstars and one of the greatest tenors that ever lived. His voice soared above the constraints of early recording technology and his records achieved far greater popularity than any other music of the time. During his career, Caruso made over 266 recordings. Caruso passed away in 1921. He was only 48 years of age. He is buried in Naples, the city of his birth. Delta's Enrico Caruso Collection pays tribute to the talent, the music, and the drive of one of the most famous people of the 20th century.

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