Bodyline series 1932/33. Incredibly rare / superb limited edition reference book

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This is possibly the most comprehensive guide to the Bodyline tests ever compiled. Compiled from the Roy Ramsbottom, UK collection and published in 2006. Only 50 copies were ever produced, with only 40 copies offered for general sale with the other 10 copies reserved for those who helped Roy compile his collection & with the publishing of this book. This is copy 6 of 50. Sadly Roy passed away just after the book was published in 2006. Very tightly held and RARELY seen for sale. This really is a MUST for the Bodyline enthusiast. It covers  PRE-TOUR …  TOUR ...   ISSUED DURING THE TOUR...  POST TOUR  A lot of the items in the book were not published in Padwick at the time and are extremely rare. There are a total of 97 numbered pages plus the covers. Each item has a photo and a very detailed description including author, publisher, size, pages, contents etc etc etc.


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