1925 incredibly rare / unique grouping. The sinking of British Royal Navy Sub M1

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Jack Griffiths was either with the Australian or British Navy (unable to establish which one) in 1925 and was at the Portsmouth Submarine dock / depot on the 12/11/1925. He took these photo’s of the future King of England Edward VIII inspecting the British Royal Navy Submarine M1 and its crew. Approx one hour after these photo's were taken and Jack had left the depot, the Submarine was sunk in the English channel by the Swedish ship SS Vidar, with the loss of the entire 69 crew. The submarines wreck was not discovered until 1999, with a BBC documentary made & going to air in 2000. Note the 2 handwritten notations on the back of the card and one photo. Jack obtained the card at a later date through his naval connections and kept it with the photo’s. The photo’s are largish in size and measure 15.5cms x 11cms. The card measures 11.3cms x 8.8cms. 



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