Rare 1926 South Bend Studebaker 16S 21J 8 adjust 3 finger brigade 10K GF pocket watch

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Working, ticking strongly & was tested over an 18 hour period and kept good time, maybe 10 to 20 seconds either way, may need a service to keep perfect time, also slightly stiff to wind. There is so much to tell about this pocket watch, have a read :) 1926 South Bend, Model 2, Grade Studebaker, 16S, 21J, 8 adjusts, 3 finger bridge, double roller, stem set time, open face, only 30,000 produced, double cased back, Railroad theme case back with date serial number 1162651. Dial has some wear as per photo depicts. 10K gold filled Railroad Model Nawco Security case is 52mm in diameter. The screw on bezel will need a slight adjustment, not 100% flush with the case when screwed on. An extremely nice honest pocket watch !!!


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