Rolleimarin underwater camera owned by Neville Collins photographer.

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The Hans Hass Rollei Marin housing was designed by German engineer Richard Weiss for Franke & Heidecke, Fabrik Photographischer Prazisions-Apparate and patented in Germany in July, 1953. The US patent was filed in June, 1954, but the patent appears to not have been awarded until March, 1960. The Rolleimarin housing was specifically designed to house the Rolleiflex F3.5 medium format camera, and they were a perfect combination. The Rolleiflex, with its very high quality optics, combined with the 2 1/4 inch square negative provided breath taking sharpness and detail in photographs. That photographic precision housed in the compact and highly portable Rolleimarin became, for many years, the standard for professional photographers worldwide, and photographs taken with this system have graced the pages of many of the world's most prestigious publications. Though in existence for over 50 years, many of these housings are still used by professional and amateur photographers, and they have become highly sought after by collectors. Hans Hass, who brought the concept to Franke & Heidecker, and for whom the housing is named, began filming underwater and lecturing on his experiences under the sea in 1939. Hass was at the fore front of underwater exploration for many years, and is still highly regarded among divers for his pioneering work. Besides the Rolleimarin housing, Hass also developed the Akustiche housing for the Leica camera. Hans and Lotte Hass were innaugral members of the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame inducted in 2000. This particular housing was used extensively by famed Australian underwater photographer Neville Collins. One of his posters has been signed and comes with the camera.

 It is a Rolleinar2. Unable to open it at the moment without a shifter. 

theres two lenses internally that we can see - one is a Carl Zeiss with a serial no.  NR3674614, the other is a Heidosmat w a serial number 3678099.



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