Buying a rolex as a gift? Everything you need to know to make the right decision

How To Buy A Rolex Watch as a Gift

Buying a Rolex as a Gift? This Is All You Need to Know

If you are considering purchasing a Rolex watch as a gift for someone, you want to be informed, especially if you are going to buy a second hand Rolex. There is a large market for these watches and not everyone is entirely scrupulous and above board. Let this guide serve as a handy tool for those with no experience in purchasing a Rolex. Let’s walk through just what you need to know prior to buying.

Why Choose A Rolex?

So, why choose a Rolex watch as a gift? Surely there are other prestigious and fine brands available.

First of all, Rolex watches are finely made. They have a longstanding and worldwide reputation for possessing both quality workmanship and style. They communicate wealth, status and fine taste while being efficient and reliable timepieces. Giving a vintage Rolex as a gift to someone is a very significant gesture that signifies that you value your relationship, whether it is platonic, professional or romantic. It could be given for a wedding anniversary, a graduation, significant professional achievement or other major milestones in life such as a major birthday.

Find a Reputable Dealer

You wouldn’t buy the very first used car from the very first seller you met, would you? You’d do your research, take your time, and weigh your options and then make your decision on who you bought from.

The same applies to buying a second hand Rolex. Do your research, ask a lot of questions, ensure that the stock they buy and sell is authentic and then make your decision based on all the available information. An informed buyer is a wise buyer!

How Well Does it Work?

Even the finest, most immaculate vintage Rolex watch is still comprised of tiny moving parts. Any watch can stop working if it is not properly maintained on a regular basis. Ask the dealer if they have records of the watches maintenance and when it was last serviced – you want to ensure that it keeps time as neatly as it sits on your friend or loved one’s wrist.

Get Your Numbers Right

Every authentic Rolex watch comes with a model and serial number. Any reputable dealer of second hand Rolex’ should be willing to provide this upon request. These numbers guarantee the watches authenticity. If a seller is not willing to provide them, or is very hesitant to and ducks and weaves around this query, it would probably be best to look elsewhere.

The above tips are probably the most important to keep in mind while looking for a second hand Rolex as a gift. Be discerning and don’t rush into a sale. Please feel free to browse our available range of vintage Rolex watches.