Common Vintage Items from Deceased Estates

When a person dies, it can be challenging, both emotionally and physically, to sift through belongings whether you choose to keep certain items or find a home for them. For most, it isn’t possible to store each and every belonging that was left behind, although usually, the deceased person will have left instructions or a will, detailing any requests they may have for their property or other assets.

In this article, we’re exploring the concept of a deceased estate and the common items that can be found within them.

What is a Deceased Estate

It sounds complicated and perhaps a tad fancy; however, the meaning is literal. “Deceased estate” is a term to describe a person’s property or assets after they have died. This includes anything from houses and finances to lockets or a watch.

Hidden Treasures

Many items may not be available for sale any longer and could be an extremely rare collector’s piece which, without the deceased estate, may never have been found, making them highly sought-after gifts for those looking for particular designer items and product types.

Common deceased estate valuables include custom, boutique one-offs and original designer pieces. You may come across:

  • vintage clothing
  • vintage furniture
  • antique jewellery
  • vintage watches

Antique Estate Jewellery and Watches

At Harrington & Co, we are fortunate to receive unique jewellery and watches from many deceased estates which would not be available if they were thrown out or donated to a second-hand store. The beauty of jewellery from years past is that they make for a truly unique and one-of-a-kind gift may it be a milestone such as an eighteenth birthday, wedding anniversary, engagement ring or graduation present.

Our vintage jewellery range includes:

  • pocket watches
  • vintage engagement rings
  • vintage brooches
  • rare necklaces
  • vintage earrings
  • vintage watches
  • vintage gold cufflinks, and more

Take a look at our range of estate jewellery here.

Do you have antique jewellery from a deceased estate that you thinking of selling? Here is how you can.

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