HNCO Guide to Authentic Tiffany & Co Jewellery

HNCO Guide to Authentic Tiffany & Co Jewellery

Trying to get someone to describe Tiffany & Co jewellery in one word is nearly impossible. Their pieces are known for their beautiful and complex qualities that have made them revered all around the world.

Unfortunately, the market is full of fake Tiffany & Co jewellery that leave customers feeling cheated. Luckily, there are many ways to tell if you have a genuine piece. Tiffany jewellery is elegant and precious, so if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

What to Look for

Go onto any forum and you will find many stories of people being fooled into purchasing fake Tiffany jewellery. As a vintage and luxury jeweller , we have compiled a list on how to identify fake Tiffany pieces.


Tiffany never has a sale on their jewellery. They hand make their creations in the US, as well as Italy and Spain. If you come across a Tiffany item with ‘sale’ or ‘new’ repeatedly advertised, it is probably not genuine.


All Tiffany jewellery is soldered seamlessly together. It is nearly impossible to tell where the link starts and ends. If you notice any links that are rough or incomplete, do not buy the piece. Pinched links are another strong indicator of a fake item.

Detailed Perfectly

Stamps, logos and lines should all be perfect on Tiffany Jewellery. If anything is not perfect, it is not real.

For example, if the piece is marked with a number but it is slightly lopsided, you should be very wary before purchasing. From a distance, it would look like a genuine piece but Tiffany doesn’t stand for any imperfections, even up close.


Tiffany jewellery is heavy. If it feels light in your hand or in comparison to its size, it is a fake. Tiffany makes all their bracelets and necklaces with 92.5% silver. The purity of the item will be marked as either 925 or sterling. The latter will be found on vintage pieces.

Newer jewellery is made entirely of silver. If any metal is detected, such as brass, you are holding a fake. Never use magnets to determine the legitimacy of the jewellery.


Newer pieces of Tiffany jewellery are marked with the full name Tiffany & Co. New jewellery will have a capital T and C in the wording. Older, vintage pieces are harder to identify via the writing. These pieces were marked with uniform letters such as TIFFANY & CO making them more difficult to authenticate. A professional jeweller will be able to determine if the item is real.

Surprising a loved one with a Tiffany & Co item is as romantic as it gets. Sadly, that beautiful gesture can turn sour in an instant. Don’t get caught up in purchasing fake Tiffany jewellery. If you are not sure if a piece is real, speak to a qualified jeweller. They’ll be able to determine the authenticity of the item. To speak to a representative about purchasing genuine vintage Tiffany pieces, contact Harrington & Co on 07 3891 3880.