HNCO Guide to Omega Watch Serial Numbers

What Your Omega Watch Serial Number Means

If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on expensive antique watches or vintage jewellery, it’s important to make sure your purchase is genuine and the model is exactly as it was described.

This was the foundation for the introduction of serial numbers or Product Identification Codes which not only track the supply and production process but also verify the legitimacy of the product.

Serial numbers and Product Identification Codes are available in barcodes or alphanumeric codes and can be printed on labels or engraved straight onto the product.

Omega Watches are no different. Thanks to the deciphering of Omega Watch serial numbers, it is possible to confirm the legitimacy of Omega watches as far back as 1895.

Omega Serial Numbers by year

In addition to the serial number, there is also the reference number which identifies the model and materials. Each component of the digit represents a feature of the watch. Let’s break down the code to what each component represents 

Note: spaces have been added to help visually separate the colours; however, the serial number would appear in real life as XXXX.YY. ZZ.


X Production Variation
1= Constellation
2= Seamaster
3= Speedmaster
4= DeVille (Prestige and Symbol)
5= Louis Brandt
6= DeVille (Vasarelli)
X Material type 1= Gold case on gold bracelet, 
2= Steel-gold on steel-gold bracelet
3= Steel-gold case on partial steel-gold bracelet
4= Steel-gold case on steel bracelet
5= Steel case on steel bracelet
6= Gold case on leather strap
7= Steel-Gold case on leather strap
8= Steel case on leather strap

XX Product line  Varies by product line
Y Dial Colour 1=Champagne, 2=White, 3=Silver, 4=Grey, 5=Black, 6=Ivory, 8=Blue
Y Hour Markers 0=Mixed, 1=Indexes, 2=Arabics, 3=Roman, 5=Diamonds
ZZStrap 0=Black, 02=Brown, 03-Blue, 04=Green

There you have it, an easy guide to deciphering your Omega Watch Serial numbers to make sure you don’t get fooled into purchasing a replica. Take a look at our genuine Omega watch range online. For more information on buying one of our Omega watches, call us now on 07 3891 3880 or email us.