How to Best Match Your Jewellery

Wearing jewellery and accessories is an art form unto itself. To master the art, a keen visual sense of colour, shape, texture and proportion is paramount. There are some general rules that apply when choosing accessories and of course personal style has everything to do with the jewellery choices that we ultimately make.

Some love to layer up on the accessories, for a bold, fashion-forward look. Others simply opt for a subtle sparkly accent or a single strand of pearls to set things off nicely. The following tips offer some practical guidelines for matching your vintage jewellery to suit your unique personal style.

Keep it Simple with Pearls

The humble pearl has adorned the necks and ears of some of the most beautiful women to ever walk the earth. If you want to keep your accessory game simple yet sophisticated, nothing beats pearls. Like clockwork, we see the industry tastemakers refer back to pearls, year in and year out, as a timeless mark of elegance. The single strand is a perennial favourite. Or, for a more dramatic effect, multiple strands of pearls can make a real statement. For classic vintage styling, pair your pearls with lace and floral prints. For a more contemporary twist, wear them in contrast with your favourite black garments.

Show off Your Vintage Earrings with Short Hair

Is your face framed with a stylish short haircut? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to dress up your ears with some antique charm. Earrings often get lost behind full-length hairstyles but many of the short, sharp styles that are popular this season give you an excuse to accessories. Combine your contemporary look with a dazzling pair of vintage earrings for a touch of mod glamour.

 Put the Right Ring on Your Finger

Choosing the right ring can be a tricky business. You need to take into account the length and shape of your ring finger, the complexion of your skin and the styling of the ring itself. If you have a thing for art-deco elegance, a handmade diamond ring just might be your perfect match. Depending on your personal preference, these can be found set in rose gold, white gold or 18CT gold. Or, for the ultimate statement of marital luxury, perhaps a rare Cartier gold band or vintage two-toned Tiffany ring is more your speed. For cocktail hour and after-five parties, it’s hard to go past a ladies’ dress ring set in turquoise, amethyst, or jade.

 Say Something with a Single Statement Piece

If you don’t have the vision and patience to layer and coordinate your jewellery and accessories, wearing a single conversation piece is a failsafe style shortcut. A large antique photo locket pendant, for example, is a great, simple way to complete any outfit. Available in ornate designs or more minimal configurations, these beauties really are wearable art. A bold vintage bracelet is another easy and effective way to turn heads.