How to Sell Unwanted Antique Jewellery

When people decide to sell off unwanted possessions, they often rush to dispose of the items swiftly and effortlessly. But in the rush to close the sale and free up space at home, hasty sellers often wind up with too little money in their wallet.

If you are clearing out your collection, or dispensing with antique jewellery from an estate, dedicate some time and research to the project. You just might find that you are sitting on a goldmine. And perhaps more importantly, you will make sure that your once loved items end up in a happy home. The following tips will hep you navigate the sale of your unwanted antique jewels without any hitches.

Explore the Market

Before you randomly assign a price or value to the jewellery that you wish to sell, get a realistic sense of how much other vendors are fetching for similar items. The Internet is a wonderful place for snooping around to compare market prices. Make your search as widely as possible, starting with registered antique dealers and also sifting through public forums like eBay and Gumtree to see how much people are willing to pay. If you have a hard time finding similar items, that could be a sign that you have something rare and exclusive, and therefore extra valuable, in your possession.

Seek Expert Evaluation

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. The necklace that you inherited from your Aunt Maple may not be your cup of tea, but that’s not to say that it has no significant value. That’s why an objective, independent evaluation is always a good idea when you’re selling antique items. Don’t fix the price based on your subjective opinion of the piece. A professional evaluator will know exactly what to look for determine its market value – subtle things, like construction method, patina, materials, and maker’s stamp.

Choose a Reputable Sales Platform

Once you are ready to sell your wares, find the right sales channel. A reputable dealer can connect you immediately with a suitable customer base. If you want to fetch top dollar for your antique jewellery, you might be disappointed on a generic platform like eBay.

Antique buyers are a discerning lot. They usually like to take a close look at an item before they agree to pay a premium price for it. Also, given the ever-present question of authenticity, buyers may doubt your credibility if you don’t have an established reputation for selling authentic antiques. When you team up with a trusted vendor like us, credibility is already proven so buyers are confident to pay the premium.

Here at Harrington & Co, we buy used antique items from individuals on a daily basis, so we know that the process is often confusing for first-timers. If you need more detailed advice about how to get the best price for your vintage jewellery collection, get in touch with our friendly team of antique experts.