How to Spot an Authentic Chanel Bag?

Spotting an Authentic Chanel Bag

Vintage shopping is an art form, and Chanel bags are some of the most elegant bags out there. With so many different online stores to buy from, it’s important to be able to tell the authentic bags from the counterfeits. In this article, we’ll discuss how to tell the real from the fakes, so that you can shop with confidence and finally purchase your dream bag.


Chanel uses a variety of high-quality materials, including lambskin leather, caviar leather and calfskin leather. Chanel would never use plastic or polyester materials, so if the bag feels fake then it probably is. Check to ensure there are no glue residues in the leather and examine the lining, while you’re at it.


Chanel bags are famous for their elegant diamond and square stitches. The lines and patterns must be perfectly crafted and unbroken. Genuine Chanels have 11 stitches per inch, whereas the counterfeit bags have only 9.

Chanel bags take time and a lot of effort to produce, which is how they ensure that each bag is flawless. Counterfeit bags are rarely that well-done. What may look genuine at a glance may not always be. Stitching should be seamless and accurate so check for bumps or undone stitches.

Interlocking CC Lock

The CC look is almost always a giveaway. Genuine Chanel bags always have the left C overlap on the bottom and the right C overlap on the top. It is a luxury accessory so it should look and feel like one.

Shoulder Strap

When Chanel introduced the shoulder straps, it was iconic. It made it socially acceptable for women to wear bags on their shoulders for the first time in history. A big factor to watch out for is the weight: the chains on the authentic bag should be heavier than the counterfeits. Also, the intertwining of leather and chain should be as clean and accurate as the bag’s elegant diamond and square stitching.

Serial Numbers

Each Chanel bag has a serial number to indicate its authenticity and show the year the bag was manufactured in, as well as its model. The serial sticker can be found in the bottom left corner in the Chanel 2.55.

When you locate the sticker, check how many numbers there are. If there are more than 8, it’s a fake. 6 numbers mean that it was created between 1984 and 1986, 7 numbers mean between 1986 and 2004, and 8 numbers mean the bag was made onwards from 2005.

It’s important to remember that for some of the older, vintage bags, the serial stickers may have worn off. This doesn’t mean the bag is a fake – it just means that you’ll have to pay extra attention to some of the other details when determining its authenticity.

Authenticity Cards

As with serial numbers, not all cards are genuine. Similar to the serial number system, the cards should not have more than 8 numbers. Other things to look out for include the feeling of the card. The card should be thick and coated in plastic, with the same feeling as a credit card. There should not be any hologram effect.

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Genuine Chanel bags are beautiful, timeless and well-made. At Harrington & Co, we guarantee that all of our Chanel bags are authentic and expertly preserved. If you’d like some more information, feel free to refer to our guide on purchasing vintage handbags.

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