Interview with horologist Will Andrewes

Great video put together by Hodinkee about Horologist, Will Andrewes.

"Will Andrewes is a true horologist. From an apprenticeship with George Daniels' to the curation of the world's eminent private collection to Harvard University's Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, Andrewes has been deeply involved in the study and development of time keeping for decades. He organized the legendary Longitude Symposium and brought together experts from all over the world to speak seriously about time. And now he is building sundials unlike any you have ever seen before. HODINKEE had the distinct privilege to spend some time with Andrewes and today we bring you the story of a modern horological master, and quite possibly the most interesting man in time. For more, go to"

Chasing The Sun: Exploring The Andrewes Longitude Dial from HODINKEE on Vimeo.