Modern Ways to Wear a Brooch

Brooches have suffered a poor reputation for a long time, often being associated with older ladies like Margaret Thatcher or the Queen of England. But did you know that brooches were all over the runway during spring fashion shows in 2015? And ever since then, they have come steadily back into fashion.

You can find brooches in a range of designs, sizes and colours, allowing you to incorporate a unique and elegant touch into your personal style with ease.

But how do you wear them? Well, one of the best things about brooches is that there are so many options. Here are some of our favourite.

On the Collar

Instead of wearing other neck jewellery, add some glamour to your button ups with a stellar brooch sitting in the centre of your collar. It’s a perfect way of uniquely accessorising in the 21st century and standing out from the crowd. Combined with the right shirt, a brooch can look beautiful, modern and sophisticated all at once.

On the Bag

Add a brooch to the top corner of a plain purse or bag to dress it up for special occasions. It’s also a neat trick to cover up a stain or bring some new life to an old, worn bag you’re still attached to. Make sure the fabric is thin and won’t fall apart if you push a pin through it.

On Your Shirt

Pinning a brooch on your shirt or dress is a fast, easy and comfortable way of jazzing up an outfit. It’s one of the more traditional and feminine ways of accessorising with a brooch but it can be modernised with unique placement. Experiment with its placement from left or right to over the bust, finding what works best with your outfit. Adding a vintage style brooch to a modern dress or shirt will give it a polished and elegant flair.

On Swimwear

Pin a brooch in the centre of your bikini top to add some unique glamour to your swimwear this summer. A modern and clever way of decorating an outfit with limited accessory options, this trick is great for hanging out or sunbaking on the beach or by the pool. It’s also great for beach parties. Just don’t go wearing the brooch in the water unless you want it lost or damaged.

On Your Jacket

Jackets have so many great spots to pin a brooch to and can be appropriate for every style and occasion. A brooch can add elegance and femininity to office wear, or jazz up a fashionable denim jacket.

Adding a stylish or dramatically designed brooch on the lapel of your tailored black blazer is another classic way of accessorising with a brooch. Pin a simpler elegantly designed brooch onto your formal wear to add some subtle glamour.

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