Some of the Most Valuable Vintage Toys

Who would’ve guessed that the toys our parents bought for less than one dollar would be worth so much today? If you have one of the following children’s items laying around your house, you could be sitting on a goldmine! In this article, we’re discussing the most valuable vintage toys of the moment.

The Original Monopoly Game

Monopoly has been loved by families worldwide for over 80 years. New editions of Monopoly are created every year to reflect different pop culture trends and to celebrate geographical locations. Vintage versions of the game have been selling online for over $3,000. The most valuable of these is a hand-drawn, oil-cloth version that was made in 1933 and owned by the game’s inventor. This version recently sold for $146,500.

The First Action Comic

Action Comics No. 1 is the most expensive comic to ever be sold online. The overwhelming hype surrounding this pristine 1938 edition is due to the content of the comic – it holds the first ever introduction of Superman. There are less than 50 copies of this comic in the world and one recently sold for 3.2 million dollars.

1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure

There’s value in keeping your children’s toys in their original box even if it means no one will ever get to play with them. An as-new 1978 Luke Skywalker figurine was sold in 2015 from a Japanese designer’s private collection for $25,000.

PEZ Dispensers

Who would have known that these quirky cannisters full of brick-shaped lollies would one day be worth a mint? The most valuable PEZ dispenser in the world is called Astronaut B and it was created for the 1982 World’s Fair. In 2006, this dispenser was sold for $32,000.

Beanie Babies

It’s well-known that Beany Babies are a popular collector’s item around the world with many plush toys being sold for 100 times as much as they were originally worth. The most collectible Beany Baby available is the Peanut Royal Blue Elephant which was victim to a factory error. 2,000 of these elephants were manufactured with the wrong colouring, and they’re now worth over $5,000.

Fisher Price’s 1936 Pushcart Pete

Extremely old toys are worth a great deal of money when they’re kept in a good condition. Pushcart Pete is 9-inches tall with a red cart and yellow wheels. This pull toy is worth over $3,000 which is amazing considering they were sold in 1936 for 50 cents.

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