The History and Legends of Rubies

Passion, love, anger and fury are just some of the emotions associated with rubies. Known as the ‘king of gems’, this precious gemstone is the scarcest in the world. Smaller than other gemstones, the red aura makes the ruby seem bigger than what it is. This deep, red colour has come to signify the most intense emotions we possess and objects of power such as cars and paintings are often represented through the ruby’s red hue.

Forever complex, there is much more to the ruby than what you see on the surface. In this post, our vintage experts dive into the history and the tales surrounding the king of gems.

History of the Ruby

Rubies have been part of civilisation from as early as the first century AD. Pliny the elder, the Roman scholar, mentions rubies in his Natural History encyclopaedia. Ancient Hindus believed that by offering rubies to the God Krishna, they would be reincarnated as emperors.

As western civilisation developed, the ruby became the most sought-after gemstone. Wealthy Europeans wore rubies to showcase their social standing. Many middle to upper-class Europeans wore rubies as they believed they would guarantee wealth, health success and love. In Burma, soldiers would inject themselves with ruby dust as they believed that ruby would protect from fatality in battle.

The ruby gemstone has a humble and mysterious history. With a reputation that solidifies everything that is beautiful, the ruby gemstone is a cut above the rest.

The Legend

The ruby has been at the centre of the most wonderful legends throughout history. In India, people believed that rubies allowed owners to live in peace with their foes.

The glow of the deep red colour symbolises a flame burning within the stone. This has led to many stories and claims, including that a ruby placed in water can boil the liquid. Similarly, it is said that a ruby wrapped in fabric would glow and shine through the materials.

Darker rubies were considered male, while light colours were regarded as female. Regardless of the colour, all varieties of the gemstone were said to have kept their owner mentally and physically healthy. Rubies that originated from Myanmar in Burma are the most famous due to their natural beauty.

Why Choose Ruby Gemstones?

Known as one the 12 most precious stones created by God, rubies are a beautiful gift for anyone. However, jewellery is not the only thing that rubies can be made into. The versatility of the stone is as remarkable as its warm, red glow. The aesthetic appeal of the stone and its colours symbolise warmth.

The historical significance of rubies is just as strong as the high demand consumers have for the gemstone. This alone can make them the perfect gift for special occasions and for your loved one.

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