The Industrial Boom!

Industrial furniture, lighting and decorative accessories are in huge demand at the moment. The intriguing and bold character of industrial pieces can without a doubt provide an edgy decor in the home.

TV programs like the Block and Renovators, have highlighted how the contrast of rustic working class charm mixed in with modern decor can really work in complimenting each other. With the emerging trend you no longer have scout flea-markets or second hand shops to uncover those impressive industrial pieces.

Elements of the industrial style incorporate often strong angular shapes, metallic colours and an overall sense of working practicality. This is why old letterbox and filing cabinet features with orderly numbers are so sought after right now.

This practicality of industrial furniture and lighting is evident in the design - flexible, built to last and large scale. The main materials used are mat and polished metals; decorated with hints of reclaimed and well-loved wood and effects such as stencil prints.

We have on offer at Harrington & Co several different pieces of custom made industrial pieces which have been imported from overseas. Whether it be a set of 'ABC' drawers to complete the children's room, or the table consisting of a heavy iron base and recycled timber top to make an impressive statement in your dining room (or office!) - there is something for everyone, appealing to all interests.