The Types of Louis Vuitton Patterns

Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house known for their luxury leather goods, clothing, watches, jewellery, sunglasses, handbags, and more. Known as a leader in the world of international fashion, Louis Vuitton is a household name and produces items that are pined over in every corner of the world. At Harrington & Co, we specialise in vintage LV items.

In this article, we’re exploring the many patterns that make Louis Vuitton products instantly recognisable.

The Monogram Canvas

This pattern is the most well-known canvas of any Louis Vuitton collection, sporting the signature ‘LV’ and small flowers in gold over a rich, brown leather background. This pebble-textured canvas is extremely popular because of its notoriety and because it is extremely easy to keep clean.

Damier Ebene Canvas

This canvas is textured and water-repellent with a clean, checkerboard appearance in the signature Louis Vuitton tones. Damier was created in 1889 and was re-released in 1998 under Damier Ebene which translates to ‘checkered ebony’.

Damier Azur Canvas

The Damier Azur is similar to the Damier Ebene with its checkered pattern, although this canvas is considerably lighter in colour. Although this pattern is still easy to clean and durable, its lighter tones mean it requires slightly more care to avoid colour transfer.

Vernis Leather

Vernis leather is similar to patent leather with a glossy, hard surface. This pattern has a monogram of the ‘LV’ and flowers, and it is available in a range of colours, including deep red, pink, cream, and brown. Some of the shades have a micro-glitter effect to their surface.

 Epi Leather

Epi leather is textured and hard with running horizontal lines across the surface. Bags created in this leather can come in many colours and are extremely easy to take care of, requiring only a wipe down to remove marks and dirt. Black Epi is the most immune to scuffmarks.

 Empreinte Leather

This pattern is classic and understated with supple calfskin, embossed with the signature LV and flower monogram. This kind of leather becomes softer over time and is built to last a lifetime – most of these bags are unstructured so the softening isn’t an issue. Empreinte leather is not as sensitive to sunlight and water as other canvases from Louis Vuitton.

Multicolour Monogram

Our final pattern comes in two shades, white and black. The multicolour monogram material was created as a part of Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with contemporary, Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. This colourful design is also embossed with the classic monogram and ran for approximately 12 years.

Collector’s Editions and Vintage Bags

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