The ultimate man cave

Unique Ways to Decorate your Man Cave

Do you have a space at home that you can call your own? Whether it’s your garage, work shed, gaming room or study, you’ll want your man cave to reflect your unique personality and style.

If you’re not quite sure where to start with decorating, think about your hobbies and things you’re passionate about – do you love to sail, restore vintage cars, or play video games? Or maybe your cave is somewhere you just like to sit and listen to music, or read.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a room inside the house or outside, we have three unique décor ideas to get you thinking about how to decorate your space and make it all about ‘you’.

Space for the Motor Enthusiast

Whether it’s roaring V8s or vintage Aston Martins that get your heart racing, car enthusiasts can feel right at home in their man caves with some easily achievable decorating ideas. Your space might be your study, the spare room, or the garage itself – either way, you can bring a touch of the motoring world to it.

We stock a range of collector’s items such as rare number plates and car memorabilia, vintage automobile industry prints and posters, and collectable model cars. All of these can be easily added to your man cave to give it some rev.

A Nautical Haven

For our avid sailors or fishermen, why not bring the beauty of the open ocean to your home? Fill your space with inspiring memorabilia from your seafaring hobby and feel the freedom of the sea in your man cave.

Sailing pennants, anchors and buoys make great additions to décor, either hanging from the ceiling rafters or hung on walls. This is easy to do yourself – you can even practice your knot work when rigging them up!

If you’re more pirate than sailor, you could add a little Tiki flavour to your cave, with palm tree motifs and Sailor Jerry spiced rum – heaven! Browse our collectables for some inspiration – vintage postcards from exotic destinations can make neat framed prints.

Retro Lounging

If your cave is somewhere that you like to sit and listen to music or read in solitude, you might like to fit it out in the style of the era of music or cinema you love best.

Use framed film posters or album covers to get a 60s or 70s vibe, and find a vintage record player so you can spin your old vinyl collection once again. Vintage decorating is huge at the moment, with everything retro becoming cool again.

For those with a love of nostalgia, surround yourself with the things you loved when you were younger – vintage scale models and toys are in high demand with collectors and dealers. We stock a range of memorabilia photographs, postcards and books.

If you’re fascinated by history, keep an eye out for antique medals and badges, or old notes and coins.

We hope these ideas have helped you to think about what you’re passionate about, and what time and place reflects your unique personality and style. This is your space – get creative and get started on making it your own!

Our decorating ideas make perfect gift ideas for your loved ones also, showing that you care about their hobbies and passions – take a look through our collectables for more gift inspiration.