Wedding and Anniversary gifts

Inspirational Wedding and Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are due to attend the wedding of some close friends of family but are stumped for gift ideas, this article will present a few ideas for you. There are a number of vintage and luxury items that can be ideal for the bride and groom to be.

If you are already happily married, then you may be wondering exactly what to get your spouse for a coming anniversary. We will go through a few different inspirational ideas for gifts.

Wedding Gift Ideas

People these days are marrying later, so often both parties are already established in careers and have the majority of household accessories that go along with living in this day and age. For this reason, giving a microwave and toaster is not practical, or necessary. Instead, why not lavish some attention on the couple by getting them some antique silverware or some vintage furniture or décor for their home? Let the special pair know that you truly care about them by getting them something unique, luxurious and exclusive. Do this within reason though, so you do not grandstand yourself.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Wedding anniversary gifts always vary depending on the year. For the first, paper is suggested – you could play on the tradition by buying him a luxury pen. Or if you wanted to stick purely to traditional you could purchase him a luxurious cotton bathrobe with his name embroidered on the breast, or a lovely cotton shirt.

For the 10th anniversary you could purchase some vintage tin signs to help decorate his shed – if he has one. If he enjoys a cigarette or pipe, a vintage engraved tobacco tin could be an idea.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

For the first year of marriage you could buy your wife a fine leather bound diary or journal, or for the more romantic at heart you could handwrite her a poem or letter of your love on some high quality paper. For an extra “classic” feel do it in cursive!

For those further down the path of married life, some luxury porcelain items such as a lamp, dinner set or teapot could be a good choice for the 18th year.

Pearl is the traditional choice of stone for the 30th wedding anniversary. A pearl necklace or choker is a simple, yet highly elegant and prestigious gift to give. For those who feel like going to some extra lengths, match the necklace with a set of pearl earrings.

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