What to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is by far the most stressful part of proposing to your partner. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when it’s your first experience into the wild world of jewellery. The most important thing to keep in mind is to give your partner a ring that they’ll like and one that is special and unique. Here are few helpful hints to help you achieve just that.

Research Their Style

Every person has unique styles and preferences. The clandestine nature of popping the question means you'll have to be very observant and subtly determine their taste in jewellery. There is a lot to consider, from choosing between gold and platinum and selecting an ideal gemstone. Hopefully, you'll have a half-decent idea of what they like already.

Are they into simplicity or flamboyant and dramatic styles? What kind of personality do they have? Will they want to show off the ring to everyone they run into? Do they appreciate vintage accessories? All these questions will give you an idea of what the perfect ring might look like.

Get Advice from Friends and Family

Buying an engagement ring is just too big of a purchase to keep to yourself. You would also be denying yourself of valuable information. Ask everyone for advice, from people who have proposed to people who have been proposed to and anyone that may have an inkling of what your partner might like. Some of the advice may be terrible, but at least it’ll help you rule certain options out.

Forget about Budget

Some people might advise you to set a budget, but let’s face it – buying an engagement ring is going to be expensive. Picking the right ring from all the different styles available is difficult enough without limiting your options with a blanket restriction on price. Trust your instincts. You’ll know whether the ring you find is worth the happiness it’ll bring.

Get Something Truly Unique

It sometimes feels as if there is a strict rulebook on choosing an engagement ring. That it has to be diamond, or that it has to cost a certain amount or that it has to be a particular cut or size. Don’t be afraid to toss the rulebook out and pick an engagement ring that is representative of your unique relationship and personalities.

It's easy to tell when the person proposing has bought an engagement ring the salesperson at the jewellery store told them to buy because they told them that's what an engagement ring is meant to be. Modern, brand name rings that come straight from the production line lack character. Make your proposal special and unique by getting your partner a special and unique ring.

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